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Bomb Detection & Disposal System

Quick Overview

Bomb detection is a non-destructive inspection process to determine whether a container contains explosive material. Explosive detection is commonly used at airports, ports and for border control.

Bomb disposal is the process by which hazardous explosive devices are rendered safe.

Bomb detection and disposal system Kit contain following products:
  • Under Vehicle Mirror
  • Portable Hand Held Vapor Trace Detector System
  • Explosive Trace Detector System
  • Portable Fiberoscope
  • Real Time Viewing System
  • Bomb Blanket
  • Bomb Basket
  • Bomb Suit
  • Car Remote Tool Opening Tool Kit
  • Thermal Cutter
  • RSP Tool Kit
  • Hook & Line Set

We, at Transline, offer a wide assortment of bomb detection and disposal equipment which are innovatively designed and are most versatile, portable, trusted Bomb Detection Equipment. Used for explosives /narcotics/ weapon searching under and over vehicles, over-hidden areas, under almirahs, luggage, holes, etc where accessibility is risky, tough and illumination low /Nil. Also an ideal tool for bomb disposal, counter-terrorist operations etc.

  • Complete visibilit/detection using minimum risk.
  • Must for: Airports, VVIP security, Parliament, Important strategic buildings, car parings, and Hotels.

Hand Held Explosive Detector


Sensitivity: Sensitivi.....
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Explosive Detector

Explosives trace detectors (ETD) are security e.....
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Hook & Line Set

Hook & Line Tool Kit provides bomb technici.....
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Thermal Cutter

Thermal Cutter is an essential tool to diffuse .....
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Car Remote Openinig Tool Kit

Car Remote Opening Tool Kit is commonly used by.....
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Bomb Suit

A bomb suit is a heavy suit of body armor desig.....
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Bomb Basket

TBomb Basket

The Bomb Basket is designed to di.....
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Bomb Blanket

Bomb Blanket is used to suppress the blast frag.....
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Telescopic Manipulator

Telescopic manipulator is new state of the art .....
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Real Time Viewing System is designed to enable .....
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Portable Fiberoscope

Portable fibroscope search equipment with video.....
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Under Vehicle Search Mirrors

Under Vehicle Trolley Search Mirror is an essen.....
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Rsp Tool Kit

We provide complete solution of RSP Tool Kit th.....
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