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Control Centre

Quick Overview

Security navigation made easy through Control Center's advanced visualisation capabilities. Operator knowledge of camera names and location is no longer required. Simply click on a target point and all relevant cameras will be displayed. Real time alarm source tracking enables operators to visually see threats moving through the map as they happen.

Powerful manual and automated surveillance features ensure cameras are monitored when they should be. Display video from individual and groups of cameras quickly and easily on workstations and video walls up to 100 HD and Standard Definition (SD) cameras can be viewed on one workstation. Flexible matrix numbering gives instant access to hundreds of thousands of cameras. Camera views enable a single camera to be split into multiple virtual cameras for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Use the on-video virtual joystick or a surveillance keyboard joystick to track subjects in real-time. Quickly move a camera to a preset position or send special commands such as wash-wipe. Higher priority users can take control of PTZ cameras, ensuring critical events are handled effectively.

Listen to high quality audio, synchronised with the video, from multiple cameras. Speak to a person in one camera, or broadcast audio to camera groups. Optional full or half duplex audio for clearer conversations.

Find evidence fast using powerful search tools on alarms, events, bookmarks, video motion and audio profiles.

Export evidence from multiple video sources and view in a powerful standalone player, allowing evidence to be used by the police and other law enforcement agencies. Digital watermarking of video as it is recorded gives total confidence in the integrity of all evidential video provided by the system.

Integrate, monitor and manage alarms from multiple sources - door contacts, motion detectors, system faults, access control and intrusion detection systems - from anywhere on the network. Distribute and escalate alarms ensuring incidents are handled correctly and efficiently. Automate response to events and alarms using flexible and configurable actions.

Combine inputs from many different sources within alarm zones to reduce the volume of alarms handled by operators and maximise productivity.

Managing 1 or 100,000 cameras, Control Center delivers the same world class video management features, irrespective of installation size. The unique distributed architecture removes the need for a central server - no single point of failure, greater resilience, dramatically reduced latency and no network bottlenecks.

Control Center unrestricted client licence means any number of clients can be installed, at no additional cost. Manage 1000s of users with powerful and flexible user permissions, ensuring staff only access what they need to.