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Electronic & Communication Devices

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Real-time communications is vital part of any successful defense program. From the soldiers in the field to the decision makers in the command and control centers, the flow of secure real-time and accurate information helps shape the outcome of any campaign. This network of advanced wireless communications is a labyrinth of complex signal processing technologies all working in harmony to produce a reliable global communications network delivering information at the touch of a button. ADI has the RF system level knowledge and extensive RF product portfolio to deliver the solutions needed for such an important part of national security.


Pen Transmitter

Disguised in an ordinary pen, the Pen Transmitt.....
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Room Transmitter

Because Room Transmitters come as hidden transm.....
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Key Chain Transmitter

Because of its appearance you can place it in a.....
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Micro Audio Video Recorder

Video Recording : Recording ca.....
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Digital Voice Recorder

Tiny digital voice recorder (DVR) is intended f.....
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