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Perimeter Protection System

Quick Overview

Perimeter is one of the most vulnerable areas in any high security complex. Securing the perimeter is a challenge that most of the security companies face in India .

Transline offers offer its clients a wide range of perimeter protection system which works as a security service provider for the owners strong protection.

This perimeter protection system is ideal for all weather conditions and has an easy beam alignment which enables in providing complete security to the clients.

This is a first line of defense facility; it detects intruders at the outermost boundaries and generates alarms on suspicion. Majorly used in commercial facilities, logistics centers, power plants, and offices or industrial facilities. The Perimeter Protection System guarantees entire fortification to the site. Easy installation, defect less, adjustable and trouble free to set up with cameras and detectors.

Our range of perimeter Protection system is one of kind.


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