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Unmanned Aircraft System

Quick Overview

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also commonly referred to as Unmanned Aerial Systems or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are air vehicles and associated equipment that do not carry a human operator, but instead fly autonomously or are remotely piloted. UAS must be considered in a systems context which includes the remote human operator(s), a command, control and communications (C3) system, a payload, as well as the air vehicle, or multiple vehicles.


UAS Categgories and usage are as follows:

(1) High Altitude - Altitude Over 60,000 ft (above class A airspace), Endurance - Days/weeks, Typical Usage - Surveillance, data gathering, signal relay

(2) Medium Altitude - 18000- 60,000 ft (class B airspace), Endurance - Typical Usage - Surveillance, data gathering

(3) Low Altitude - - Altitude- Up to 18,000 ft (class E airspace), , Endurance - Up to 2 days, Typical Usage - Surveillance, data gathering

(4) Very Low Altitude - Below 1,000 ft, Endurance- A few hours, Typical Usage - Reconnaissance, inspection, surveillances.