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We are happy to announce today that we have successfully converted from a private limited to a public limited company and now on our Company will be known as "TRANSLINE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED" with effect from 6th January, 2023

We are excited to join the public markers and look forward to the oppurtunities that being a public limited company will bring, said by our Promoter MR. ARUN GUPTA . Our commitment to delivering quality products and services to our customers remains unchanged, and we are confident that our new status will enable us to better serve them and our shareholders.

This conversion to a public limited company is a significant milestone for Transline itself. It opens up new oppurtunities for us to expand our business and enhance our brand while delivering value to our shareholders.

Now on the company will be subject to new regulatory requirements and will have to comply with reporting obligations and other regulatory requirements that come with being a public company.